Tuesday, March 2, 2010

stranger on the bridge

“OH MY GOD”, I gasped, staring at my computer screen in disbelief, could the address in my inbox be correct? Could it really be?

My mind flashed back 10 years, to when I was at camp lakeview. His face floated across my mind. The first sunny day of my stay there, when he had made a lonely stranger feel like she had belonged.. The long walks, the laughter. All that stopped one day and I frowned at the memory of a farewell .A memory I often nurtured with a sore heart. “Promise me”, he had said. ”Promise me that you will write to me everyday “.

I could still feel the pain. The birds trilling in the otherwise placid silence as we looked out on the lake , the yellow flowers forming a bright carpet on the soft ground , the waters of the lake , undisturbed and sparkling .” of course I will” , I had said , my heart heavy with emotions like never before. If only summer would never end.

I smiled at the bitter memory. He had promised to write too. I recalled my first day back from camp, when I had eagerly checked my mail , only to find none from the one who mattered the most. The same anticipation each day as I dutifully kept my promise , only to be let down by him. I had all but given up hope and immersed myself in writing poems of hate , bitterness , rage and ultimately , despair , And finally, I let go of it the next summer and put the better pat of it behind me.

Now it was back. I had half a mind to delete this. Ben had ignored me long enough , and now I would even. And then I thought back to the struggle I had gone through. My heart hammering, I opened it.

It read-

“Dear Amy,

I’m sorry for all the pain I know I’ve caused .Words cannot explain how I regret the fact that I broke my promise to you. I’m going to be in town for a week. Please meet me at lake tirian on Wednesday at 6 in the evening. Please forgive me. Ben”.

My heart skipped a beat. That was tomorrow. I would wear my faded jeans and… and I thought back to the hours spent questioning what went wrong… and the fear that maybe he was dead , which would explain why…and the ever darkening poems of hatred…but then, I remembered the fun and magic.

Five forty-five. I looked at my watch. Wednesday evening. I was there… I wore something casual.. I wanted it to be like it did not mean a lot to me. But it did.

As the awaited hour approached, my heart pounded harder and harder, against my chest.

Would he keep his promise this time?. I starred at the bridge aimlessly. And then I saw him. He was unmistakable. As I saw him walking towards me, I realized that he was a part of my past .A part I had to forget .I was not ready to forgive yet. As much as my mind was willing to, my heart was not. He was buried in memories. Memories that I could not, and did not want to dig up again.

As I turned to leave, I heard his voice. ”Amy?” he asked uncertainly. I turned, and looking up at him, knew that it would never be the same again. I did not know him anymore. “i…I’m sorry. D..do I know u ?” I stammered, and hurriedly brushed past him in tears .He looked confused but at that moment I knew it was over. I knew I had healed for good. I knew that the pain had gone forever and that I could look back at good times and smile, instead of cry in pain.

I looked back and saw him staring after me, dazed. But I kept walking. He was now a stranger to me. A stranger like all the others walking past me. I had left behind a stranger on the bridge.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Nukkad natak

Opening scene:

MADARI: aaiye meherbaan kadardaan ,haazir aapke saamne ...bandar ... ki naach........yeh wohi karta hai jo mein use karne keliye kehta hu....”guttu gulathi maar...maar gulathi....maar guttu ......ahh dekha aapne guttu kaisa gulathi marta hai.....

Ab guttu yeh bata gandhiji kya kehte hai.....dekho.....guttu dar raha.....guttu...dar raha......woh yeh keh raha hai kii....kiii.........”

B: ladies & gentlemen...SBJMC-CMS presents to you their NUkKAD natak

Madari“burai se mat daro”


R:goodmorning its a bright sunny morning....aur mein khada hoon.....hamare world famous “akhade” mein jaha..mere right side mein khade.hai....Mr.RIGHT aur left side mein khade hai Mr.WRONG....dono ek dusre ko ek dusre ki khoon peene ki dhamki.....dete hue ......fight chaalu...karte..hai....(dishoom dishoom#!@@!# )

Oh my god...haila.....Mr.right seems to be taking over mr wrong.......and...the WINNER IS ..MR.right!!!!!!

C: aapne toh suna hi hoga...kii..’ acchai ki hi jeet hoti’

D:hahhhaaaaa............yeh sab kitabo ki baatein......burai...kii hamesha jeet hoti...hai..yakeen nahi...chalo.dikhata....hoon Pehle dekho toh....aaj is sheher mein kaun aaya...

E: Am i new to this city...???kya iss sheher ke liye mein ajnabee hoon....HAHAHHHH.........main iss sheher main kya, poori duniya main phella hoon..main tum sab mein basa hoon.....tujme ,tujhme...(pointing to the audience).........

har pal..kadam kadam par...main tumhare saath chalta hoon.

.bhaag nahi sakte tum mujhse

main tumhare hi andar palta hoon........

Naam hai mera BHAY...kaam hai mera tum sabko darana...

Taaki na kar sakoge tum burai ka saamna.....hahahah!!!!

Mr.right :galat bilkul galat.....burai ka saamna kar sakte hai hum..

Tumko, dar ko..milkar hara sakte hain..

Song (aa dekhe zara ...kism kitna hai dum...jumke rakna kadam mere saathiya)....

(Gals tied up)

G1:nahi nahi reh sakti in chaar diwaron mein keid..baahar nikalna chahti hu mein.

G2:thak gai huun ghar saaf karte karte ....ab khule asmaan meiin udhna chahti hoon mein

G3:apne peiron par khada hona chahti hoon.....

All gals:we want freedom we want freedom.......!!!!!!!

All men surround :

BHAY:dekho...kya yeh burai nahi...dekho unki dar se kaapte hue chehro ko....haha

Mr.right:utho jaago..apne haq keliye lado...burai ka saamna karo “burai se mat daro”

Gals push men away

G1:hume ladna chahiye....apne haq ke liye

G2:Apne..aazaadi ke liye

G3:apne bhavishya ke liye......

(Drum beat)

...immeditely switch to riot scene

Reporter:poora sheher dange phasad mein bhid gayi hai

Anath ke dard bhari cheekhei

Khoon se range hue raaste

Hazaron ghar aag mein lipti hui

Kaun zimmedaar hai is athyachaar ke liye....

Police hai shikaar main saboot ke

Par darte hai log bhay ke bhoot se


Mr wrong:

“har koi zimmedar hai iskeliye

Kis par ungli uthaoge tum

Bhay:arre kaise uthayenge yeh ungli nahi poori hogi unki khwahish

Kar diya hai ‘maine’ ,bhay ne unko apahij!!

Agar zindagi hai tumhare liye pyaarii

Toh chup rehna hi hai samajdhari”

Mr.right:kya haq banta hai aapko hamara haq cheenein ka

Kyo jine de unko jinhone cheena hai hamari zindagi humse

Uthao apni awaaz ,karo burai ka saamna

Agar dar gaye to nahi hogi anyay milne kii sambhavna”

Burai se mat daro ...aage badho aage badho......

R:”logon kii madat se police un papiyo ko pakadne mein saphal ho gayi hai

burai ka saamna karne ka yahi to phal hai!!!

(Song )” beech sadak mein haath pakad ke ghume ladka ladki.....chorus:hai ram hai ram

Arre beech sadak mein haath pakad ke ghume ladka ladki

Na sharam hai na haya hai ye hai yuvak aaj ke.

Kya karoge kidhar jaoge ... gher liya hai tumko

Yeh western cultureki nakal sweekar nahi hai humko

Chorus:Sweekar nahi hai humko....sweekar nahi hai humko!!!!”


Mr.right: darke maare jaan jayegi pyaare..

Jina hai apni zindagi tod sab deeware

Boy: kaun ho tum kaha se aaye

hai kya naam tumhara

logo ko bhadkana azzadi chinna kya yahi hai kaam tumhara

uthali hai lathi ab kar do humpe vaar

Hum bhi hai jawab dene ko taiyaar

Haann haan hum bhi hai taiyaar..... hum bhi hai taiyaar!!!!!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010


i just love the male version of the song iktara... its very soothing...

Rooh ka banjara re parinda
Chhad gaya dil ka re gharonda
Chhad gaya dil ka re gharonda todke
Re gharonda todke, gaya chhodke

Je naina karun band band
Beh jaye boond boond (2)
Tadpaye re, kyun sunaye geet malhar de

Bemalang tera iktara (8)

Itra tun basi basi, padi hai sirhane
Band darwaja dekhe lauti hai subah
Thandi hai angeethi seeli, seeli hain deewarein
Goonje takrake inme dil ki sada
Goonje hai re (2) dil ki sada (2)

Jo naina karun band band
Beh jaye boond boond (2)
Tadpaye re, kyun sunaye geet malhar de

Bemalang tera iktara (8)


Some might be wondering that y have i named my blog as sona.......there are many reasons to it...
first of all.. it was d second name that struk my mind.. first being tamanna.....but tamanaa made it too hindi
secondly ... yes u guessed it ryt.. its in d name
thirdly... ever since ive created this ive become fond of it.... and m sure to treasure it... lik gold.. sona...................

1st jan 2010

m just too excited to open a new blog account.. i never thought abt openin one.. but i jus did today. and seriously wat a lovely day to start it,20 yrs frm nw.. m gonna read tis n smile n tap myself n say wel done...... well no shakespear.. m gonna pen down my random thoughts here.. anythin whic i feel n c aroun worth writin.... i hope i keep up to it.... n do it till years down d lane...